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The Art of Living


It all started in the summer of 2013 with a simple, with bold idea: make better furniture products. In other words, not just a better furniture products - a better way of doing things. A new kind of furniture company that works hand in hand with users to do something amazing, something meaningful. Now VIPEK has grown tremendously to become one of the leading platforms of e-Commerce in the furniture industry.

Professional Seller

Customers will deal directly with us in regards to issues and concerns they experience with the products. Manufacturers will not have to deal directly with the individual customers, but will experience the benefits of their business, which is the typical win-win cooperation.

Automated Multi-Channel Sales

We successfully advertise our products on multiple platforms and maintain top-rated healthy seller accounts, which keep customers drawn to our products. We are continually expanding our customer base as we add more sales channels.

Warehouse & Fulfillment

With our warehouse located in Milpitas, California, we take care of the inventory management for our products. This saves manufacturers space, time, and headache.

Life is teeming with aesthetics that constitutes the most crucialingredients of art. In response, we have put forward the slogan “Art of Living”while offering a vast selection of furniture items characterized by sturdybuild, user-friendly design and reasonable pricing, which are geared towardsaddressing different tastes and budgets.


Now welcome to join us in embarking upon this marvellous journey in theworld of home furnishings exquisitely crafted from eco-friendly and highquality materials; once installed in your room or office, these furniturebrings infinite elegance mingled with noble grace exuding an aura ofattractiveness and impressiveness. It is our unyielding commitment toincorporate green and wellness into your home decoration with our constantdetail-oriented passion towards every product and each process.


Furthermore, we would like to shower you from time to time with coupons aswell as discount as a way to express our gratitude for your support. Wheneveryou are traveling back home from ice-covered Alaska or sun-baked Africa, themoment you step into your abode, you will be greeted with a feeling of reliefand comfort arising from the magic and colossal “widgets ”placed around you, itworks like a charm! Ha ha, we are vigorously heading towards this goal, let’sjoin hands in building this wonderful dream, are you ready?

CA Warehouse

2900 N MacArthur Dr, STE 150, Tracy

MS Warehouse

8835 Commerce Dr, Suite 103

PA Warehouse

7185 Ambassador Dr, Allentown